After clicking on the "Go to the Forum" button, a new window will open up with the AFO Forum. The link to the registration page is near the top, on the far right of the first row of links under "AFO". It should be next to a small picture of a check mark. Read the Registration Agreement Terms and click the link that applies to you. If you click either of the first two options, you will be directed to a page called "Registration Information". Fill out all the required information (everything marked with a *), as well as any other information you want to. When you're done, click "Submit".
    Logging In
    To log in, click the "Log in" link, located near the top (under the "Register" link) in the second row. Fill in the username and password you provided on the Registration page, then click "Log in". You will be taken back to the front page of the forum.
    Ask a Question
    Think of a question you want answered, then click on the "Ask Your Friends" forum and click on the "New Topic" button. In the 'subject' field, type your question, and enter more information in the 'message' field. At the bottom, there is a section called "Add a Poll". In the field for the "Poll question", type your question, and enter at least two poll options. (Insert one option in the 'poll option' field and click "Add Option". The page will refresh, so scroll down to see the Poll section. A new field will appear, so you can add as many options as you want. *Hint*: For the last option, type "Other - post reply" to hear other options you might not have thought of. Click the "Submit" button so others can answer your question.
    Answer a Question
    Look at the questions that others have posted, find a few that interst you, and answer them by voting. If you want to add more to your answer, click on the "Post Reply" button, fill out the 'message' field (the 'subject' field is optional), and click "Submit".
Send a Private Message
    To send a Private Message (PM), click on the "Memberlist" link (under "AFO" again, in the middle of the top row). Admin is the first on the list. Click the "PM" button to the left of Admin's name, and you will be directed to the Private Messaging page. Leave the Username field alone (it should say "admin"), and in the "Subject" field type AFO. In the "Message" field, type your guess about what "AFO" stands for. When you're done, click "Submit", and you're done!